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How to Remove Rust Stain From Concrete With A Pressure Washer

Rust is one of the most common concrete stains out there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. It won’t necessarily cause damage to a concrete slab, but it is not aesthetically pleasing on a property.

Although easy to form, rust stains may not be as easy to remove. A pressure washer can erase stubborn concrete rust stains.

Read on to learn how to remove a rust stain from concrete with a pressure washer.

How to Remove a Rust Stain From Concrete With a Pressure Washer

There are a few different answers to how to remove a rust stain from concrete with a pressure washer because there are different types of rust stains.

You could be dealing with minor rust or major rust that has left you with no choice but to opt for power washing. Minor stains are lighter and don’t cover a big area of concrete.

In contrast, major rust stains are dark and cover a large portion of the concrete surface.

Rust Remover Tips for Minor Stains

Before getting to the pressure washing part, there are steps you need to take to eliminate a minor rusted surface of the concrete. You’ll begin with regular soap and water because rust is harder to clean with dirt and debris around.

Next, you’ll pour pure lemon juice combined with vinegar or another acidic compound. Let this solution sit for about ten minutes then begin to scrub it with a brush for five minutes.

Use a nylon brush instead of a metal wire brush as metal can damage concrete surfaces.

Last, you can use a pressure washer to rinse the area. If the rust was on a painted surface, it is a good idea to dry it to help with stain removal.

Rust Remover Tips for Major Stains

Removing minor stains and major rust stains takes a similar approach. Yet, instead of lemon juice and vinegar, you’ll need a strong rust remover.

You can try to remove a major rust stain with a less harsh lemon juice solution, but if it does not work, chemical cleaners are your best bet.

When removing major rust stains for concrete, oxalic acid, trisodium phosphate, and hydrochloric acid are chemicals that work well.

Using these chemicals can be dangerous so it may be best to hire a professional rust stain removal company instead. For safe use, dilute the chemicals in part water before pouring them on the problem area.

After using these chemicals on your concrete surface, let it sit for ten minutes before scrubbing with a nylon brush for five minutes. If you used oxalic acid, you’ll see the chemical works to lift rust without scratching the surface.

Hire a Professional Company

Removing rust stains from concrete can be difficult to do on your own. Not only is it hard work, but the use of chemicals makes the job dangerous.

A professional rust removal company will have the correct tools already in hand to complete your project. Those tools include:

  • Pressure washer

  • Chemical removers

  • Eye protection

  • Skin protection

  • Brushes

  • Industrial tools

If your concrete rust stain is too major to get rid of with chemicals, it may be necessary to use industrial tools.

It’s not common for a homeowner to have these supplies just sitting around. Instead of going out and buying them to attempt rust removal on your own, save money by hiring professional pressure washers instead.

Rust Removal: The Decision Is Yours

Ultimately, the decision on how to remove a rust stain from concrete with a pressure washer is yours. There are different solutions you can use based on the seriousness of the stain.

If you don’t feel equipped to handle a concrete rust stain on your own, don’t let it sit there! Our experts at Waves Power Washing are ready to help those in North Carolina.

Book an appointment for rust removal today to get started.

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