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Should You Power Wash Your Roof?

When was the last time you took a look at your roof? How long has it been since it was cleaned?

It’s safe to say that your roof has truly seen it all. From big storms to tree debris to bacteria, a roof can be affected in many different ways by external forces. So, what do you do? Do you power wash your roof? Why would that be a good option?

Roof cleaning can be beneficial for financial, environmental, health and aesthetic reasons. Below are just a few of the top reasons why power washing your roof could be useful in your life.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

A big reason to get your roof properly cleaned is because you can double its lifespan. Your roof will be able to hold up better against storms and hot days for years to come if it’s cleaned consistently over time. Power washing your roof’s shingles will also get rid of bacteria and algae that can deteriorate your roof over time. This will allow you to enjoy the expensive roof that you already have without the worry of having to look for a new one.

Save Money

When you get your roof power washed, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on maintenance and replacements in the long run. A clean roof can save you from having to replace your roof much sooner than expected, which can cost up to $10,000. Spend less and stress less knowing that your roof is good to go for years to come.

Save Energy

If you never get the chance to get your roof power washed, algae and debris can stick onto your shingles and can cause your roof to appear darker. When the roof darkens, it absorbs more heat from the sun which can leave your attic feeling toasty. This can result in a higher utility bill as your cooling system works much harder to keep your house cool, especially in the summer months.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Without a proper cleaning, the roof can start to look discolored and unkept due to accumulated dirt, moss and bacteria. This can lead to a lower curb appeal which can be largely important when you try to go sell your house. Since the roof is one of the first things people notice about a house, it would make sense to make sure the roof is in good condition for resale value.

Keep Your Home Healthy

Algae and bacteria can engulf your roof if it hasn’t been professionally cleaned which can spread into the interior of your home and reach your air conditioning units. Family members can breathe in this bacteria ridden air which can cause health risks including allergies. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, where can you truly feel safe?

There are many great financial, environmental and health benefits of a power washed roof. Whether you’re looking to save money or thinking about selling your house in the near future, there are many ways in which power washing your roof can benefit you and the people around you.

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